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McKinley Elementary School

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School Site Council

What is School Site Council?

The purpose of this council shall be to:

  1. Develop the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

  2. Continuously review implementation of SPSA
  3. Assess periodically the effectiveness of the program.
  4. Annually review and update the SPSA.
  5. Establish a school improvement budget annually.

The council shall be composed of the principal, teachers (elected by the teachers at the school), other school personnel (elected by other school personnel at the school), parents of pupils attending the school ( elected by such parents) or community members. 


Jennifer Sherman- Principal

Georgia Sforza- Other School Staff

Kim Jensen - Teacher

Dian Solberg- Teacher 

Alyssa Cavanaugh- Teacher

Chad Rader- Parent or Community Member

Heather Avis- Parent or Community Member

Collin Mitchell-Parent or Community Member

Julissa Ayala- Parent or Community Member